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The Rule of Law Must Use Similarly, Even to Terrorists

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The Rule of Law Must Use Similarly, Even to Terrorists

When he was a kid, Adnan Siddiqui would take the longer route from his home to view Crystal Palace play football. He smiles at the idea that this exact same club is now a mosque, the Thornton Heath Islamic Centre. Not that the racism has disappeared from the clubs of his part of south London. Last Christmas a young Muslim was out in the clubs gathering for an African clean water charity– “attempting to show people that not all Muslim individuals are bloody Isis”– however that made no distinction to the male who hit him to the ground, racially insulting him as he fell. It was one small event amongst terrific lots of. The tracking group Tell Mama discovered a whopping 326% increase in hate crime directed at Muslims in 2015. And it’s getting even worse.

Dr. Siddiqui is now the regional GP in the area he matured. Exactly what he’s better understood for is setting up Cage Prisoners.  Among the most commonly disparaged of advocacy organizations, now just called Cage, their aim is to support those impacted by the war on horror, recording abuses and firmly insisting that all should have equal access to the rule of law with legal pr.

They began with an issue for those kidnapped by the US and taken to Guantánamo Bay; too innocent to be put before a court of law, apparently too hazardous to launch. And, offered the nature of this work, Cage inevitably stands alongside an entire variety of people, from those who are innocent and have been wrongly targeted to those who are far more unsafe. Obviously, it is the job of the law to compare the 2. Which is why the guideline of law must relate– precisely what Cage argues for?

In making this case they have been derided, including by David Cameron no less, as dangerous terrorist sympathizers. And yes, Cage advocates have stated some silly things in the past, for example, that “Jihadi John” was “very mild” before his radicalization. They may even be right– evil can infiltrate even the gentlest soul– however, it was risky. And yes, naturally Cage condemns individuals like him too. But so worried are some of the works they do that no UK bank wants to offer them with an account. You can think of what does it cost? HMRC likes the idea that Cage can only offer to pay their taxes in money or gifted jewelry.

Margaret Thatcher when accused Amnesty International of being “IRA apologists” for demanding the extrajudicial killing by the SAS of three IRA members in Gibraltar in 1988. Cage is doing much the exact same thing as Amnesty, other than in a lot more febrile environment of the war on fear. And they are explained in a similar way.

I fulfill Dr. Siddiqui for a biryani beside the East London mosque. Because I’m bringing a lot of assumptions, his accent– a cross between public schoolboy and south Londoner– catches me by surprise. I ask even more. He went to Dulwich University, he discusses– with Nigel Farage. “He remained in the 6th kind when I initially showed up,” Siddiqui states. He tells me he recalls Farage using words he discovered racially offensive, including, “and I keep in mind the way he did it, gloating on each word”. I am stunned but not surprised by this. “Indeed, and he’s a Palace fan too,” Siddiqui then quips, lightening the state of mind.

There’s a character who argues that it would be OK to ignore any law if ferreting out the devil. It’s the 16th-century correlative to the view that it is OKAY to suspend the guideline of law when ferreting out terrorists. More replies: “Oh? And when the last law was down, and the diablo turned around on you, where would you hide, the laws all being flat? … Yes, I ‘d offer the Devil advantage of the law, for my own security’s sake!”.

This is exactly why Cage is right to insist that the law should apply even to those that the press and popular opinion regularly demonize. Undoubtedly, even to the devil himself.

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